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Meet Josh

From being a Division-1 athlete to someone who battled depression and alcoholism. He went from having $0.33 in his bank account and jobless to running a successful business helping former athletes find a life after sports. Now he is sharing his story and experiences to inspire and encourage audiences around the world.


Creating Your Core Values


Owning Who You Are


Putting Yourself First


Evolving Into The Authentic You

Putting Yourself First to Reclaim Your Power

Do you know what happens when you put everyone else first? You teach them and yourself that you come second. It's time to shift that narrative. Putting yourself first isn't selfish; it's necessary. The goal of this session is to readjust your priorities and to develop valuable strategies that will allow you to rebuild the best version of yourself. Imagine how good it will feel to reclaim your power and to show up in the world, and in YOUR life, as your authentic self.

Success Looks Different on Everyone

Does life feel out of control at times? Do you find yourself approaching things the way you 'should' rather than what feels best? What does success look like in YOUR eyes? The goal of this session is to empower YOU by helping you get crystal clear on who you are and what you want. You have the power to control your future and there's not a single obstacle that you can't overcome. Your best life is waiting.

Becoming the Leader Your Team Deserves

Anyone can be a boss and tell others what to do, but leaders INSPIRE them to do it. True leaders invest in their teams, knowing that they'll reap the rewards of their investments down the road. How are you inspiring and empowering your teams, increasing their productivity, and in turn, increasing your own bottom line? The goal of this session is to use Josh's own life-changing leadership experiences as a launchpad for leaders and corporate teams to take their own leadership frameworks to the next level.

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